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BDAs/ DAS Signal Boosters

We provide a full range of BDAs/ DAS Signal Boosters to ensure you experience seamless mobile communication wherever you are.

Man wears red search and rescue shirt next to red signal booster

Public Safety BDA / DAS Systems

The following provision to the Florida Fire Prevention Code became effective on January 1st 2012:  

NFPA 1 11.10.1 In-building public radio system enhancement systems shall be provided in all new commercial buildings where minimum radio signal strength for fire department communications is not achieved by the level determined by the AHJ.

We can ensure your facility meets the requirements outlined in NFPA 1 11.10.1 so you are able to get your Certificate of Occupancy.

We will perform a site walk and measure the RSSI to determine if your facility is compliant.  We will work with the building inspection department to submit the required plans and test findings. If a Distributed Antenna system is required, we will have a coverage map designed by RF engineers showing you which areas need coverage.

Cellular Signal Boosters

We will perform a site walk to measure the cellular signal of your facility and point out which areas you might need signal enhancement. Our systems are designed so you can cover one room to an entire facility. Our products cover all of the major cellular companies like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, & T-Mobile.

These systems are also great for vending machines where cellular coverage is limited.  Vending machines placed in large facilities where coverage is limited cost you money. Without signal the machine will not work. We can place a booster near the machine so you are operational.

We offer a selection of signal boosters from brands you can trust. Contact us to learn more.

Installations + Service

We will provide you a iBwave coverage plan of your facility with antenna placement and go over the installation before we start.  Our techs are trained in RF signal and have the equipment that ensures the job is done right.

We also take care of you in the days, months and years to come by providing mission critical repair and maintenance even if you did not buy the systems from us.

We also trouble shoot your existing system and give recommendations to enhance your coverage.

Learn more by visiting our Install + Maintain + Repair page.