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Two Way Radios + Systems

We provide a full range of two way radios with the features that you need and the largest coverage area in all of the southeast United States.

Security guard holds a two way radio in his hand as he watches several security screens

Stay Connected + Get the Job Done Easier + Save $$$

Two way radios are an easy and cost effective solution to keep your company connected – whether you need to stay in touch with remote workers or your remote workers need to stay in touch with each other.

Whether you need to communicate across the warehouse or you need remote drivers to stay in touch, we provide two way radio solutions that have you covered. We will design a solution that will fit your needs, industry and budget.

Features that Protect You and Your Investment

Two Way Radios are Safer Than Cell Phones

Two way radios allow a business to eliminate driver distraction and keep everyone in the loop.  With two way radios, you no longer have to worry about drivers checking social media or texting while driving the vehicle.

  • Mobile radios are secured to a bracket so you do not have to worry about the device sliding around. We wire them directly to the battery so you eliminate the excuse of the device being dead when you try to call the driver.
  • Bluetooth headsets are available with both mobile and portable radios that allow the driver to communicate when they are away from the radio or are unable to grab the mic. 

Two Way Radios with GPS Tracking

We offer the added convenience of GPS tracking to almost any two way radio that we sell.  By having the ability to pinpoint the location of any radio at any time, you protect your investment and your employees.

Seamless Communication with Digital Radios

Our statewide NXDN digital radio system allows us to offer you two way digital radio communications which can be:

  • All call
  • Group, and
  • One-on-One 

Other Features

Some additional and popular features of our two way radios and systems include:

  • Military spec rated
  • GPS
  • Messaging
  • Bluetooth
  • Private calling

Vast Coverage – From Virginia to the Florida Keys

Reidy, Rhodes and Taylor offers the most extensive coverage for two way radios in all of the Southeast USA – giving you coverage from Virginia to the Florida Keys.

Brands + Accessories that You Can Trust

We offer a great selection of two way radios and accessories – like batteries – from brands you can trust such as Kenwood, Hytera, Icom and Power Products.

Upgrades, Trade-Ins and Rebates that Save you $$$

Contact us to learn about current upgrades available for your equipment and this month's rebate offers.

Programming + Installations + Service

Not only do we design solutions to meet your needs, we also expertly install the equipment and explain the process so it is done right the first time.

We are fully capable of programming your system — even if you didn't buy it from us!

We also take care of you in the days, months and years to come by providing mission critical repair and maintenance.

Learn more by visiting our Install + Maintain + Repair page.